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Welcome to the Sustainability Quotient

The world we live in now has completely changed and we need to change our ways to help improve the condition of the earth. With that being said, welcome to a place where we focus on building a better future for not only us but also our future generations.

Latest from the Blog

An Introduction to Sustainability

Our house is built sustainably, we eat organic, my clothes are from a sustainable brand; Are a few sentences that come up in the conversations of Gen Z individuals today. It would not be wrong onthe part of a few people who feel the word “sustainable” is being overused. But what we often tend to…

Technology and Sustainability

In today’s day and age with the rapid explosion of technology, sustainability has been a serious concern especially with the rapid growth in the population and the rapid shift to a more urban and well-developed environment. The rapid innovation in technology has made the ecosystem immensely fragile through the rise in the rates of production…

Sustainable Lifestyle

The key to ensure that our future generation gets to see the world that we enjoy currently, it is very necessary to take steps in adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Easier than done, sustainable living is making the best possible use of the available resources in ways like reducing their usage of products and replacing products…

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